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     Welcome to my User Experience Design Portfolio! I've been studying Art and Design since I was 10 years old. I have always had a passion for expanding my creative skill set to any medium. My critical thinking, emotional intelligence, curiosity, and adaptability has led me to consistently push myself creatively. Explore my work, and let's collaborate!

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Art and designs by me

My Top 4
User Experience Designs:

How do you address the lack of affortable mental health?

With mind meld!

A group therapy app, we hope to provide a safe virtual environment to connect with trained therapists and peers.

How I updated a non-profit's decade old website.

As a volunteer for my local art association, I redesigned this group's virtual platform and collaborated to create a site that encouraged new members and donations.

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A test in organizing the overwhelming.

This government water agency has 116 pages and no easy way to sign up for water service as a new homeowner. This is how I simplified onboarding.

Let's gamify boring budgeting to be more rewarding! 

Bloom budget is a personal project to help visualize the health of your budget via a flower garden and reward good financial decisions that save money.

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My Other Design Work 


Illustration Portfolio

Explore my vibrant world of colorful cartoons and captivating storyboards. Click here to uncover the artistic process behind creating engaging and imaginative illustrations


Graphic Design Portfolio

Experience a collection of my skillfully crafted graphic designed logos, advertisements, and print materials that embody brand identity and leave a lasting visual impact. Click here to explore.

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