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About Me

Skills and Education

     Since the age of 11, I have been learning art and design. My passion for art education and community went from leading my high school art club to leading my college SJSU’s painter's guild.

     My curiosity to learn more about web design pushed me to start learning from UC Berkeley’s UX/UI Bootcamp In 2022. To receive my certification, I learned design skills like wire-framing, prototyping, user research, visual design layout, and interaction design. I am now proficient with most design tools like Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Procreate, Canva, Sketch, and InVision.

    During the course, I created designs for several projects, including a non-profit, and a local government agency, as well as several other websites and applications. I helped solved large-scale problems with technology accessible to all users regardless of disability.


BFA Graduation
day 2018


giving a lecture on my art gallery show to first years

Dirty Brushes painter’s
Guild Collab Paintings

Work and Experience

     I have spent many years teaching fine art to adults and children and providing communication and necessary life skills to children on the autism spectrum. This work taught me how to problem solve and remain calm while during stressful situations. Years of learning to communicate ideas, expectations, and confusions allow me to effectively collaborate with friends and colleagues in and out of the workplace. Going through years of art classes has taught me to value the tool that is critique. I am very open to learning from people's perspectives to learn ways of improving. Art school also taught me to vocalize my opinions or critiques of works sensitively to further discussion and collaboration.


      In 2023 I learned of a local non-profit Art Association, SCAA, which I would later join and become their Next-Gen chair board member. I helped redesign their website working alongside fellow UX/Ui students. We designed a well-researched clickable prototype of our suggested changes. I personally helped facilitate communication between the designers' solutions and the worried passionate stakeholders' assessment. The board president personally asked me to rebrand the art association's logo. After presenting suggested changes the board agreed with my usability-tested design to rebrand the logo and website.


Panther Beach, CA
painted using beach water

Beach painting by me age 10

My Other Design Work 


Illustration Portfolio

Explore my vibrant world of colorful cartoons and captivating storyboards. Click here to uncover the artistic process behind creating engaging and imaginative illustrations


Graphic Design Portfolio

Experience a collection of my skillfully crafted graphic designed logos, advertisements, and print materials that embody brand identity and leave a lasting visual impact. Click here to explore.

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