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Fine Art Gallery

     Welcome to my gallery of paintings, prints, and sculptures. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing process of my artwork through captivating time-lapse videos. You'll find a captivating array of expressive abstract portraiture, along with breathtaking landscapes and intriguing abstract non-representational pieces.

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     Discover 'Right Eye Closed Co,' my exclusive Etsy store showcasing a curated collection of high-quality giclee print reproductions. Each piece is personally printed to ensure top-notch quality and authenticity. This artistic venture is a special collaboration with my talented friend, Veronica Huston. Click here to explore our captivating artistry and find the perfect addition for your collection.

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Illustration Portfolio

Explore my vibrant world of colorful cartoons and captivating storyboards. Click here to uncover the artistic process behind creating engaging and imaginative illustrations


Graphic Design Portfolio

Experience a collection of my skillfully crafted graphic designed logos, advertisements, and print materials that embody brand identity and leave a lasting visual impact. Click here to explore.

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