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My Graphic Design

SCAA Logo Redesign

     Discover the story behind my involvement in the revitalization of my local art association's logo. Through meticulous member research, I contributed to its redesign, infusing modern color theory to breathe new life into the emblem while staying true to the essence of the original logo, which aimed to showcase the talents of all artists. Click here to delve deeper into this inspiring journey of artistic transformation.

original scaa_logo.png (1).png
Sca Logo design v8 trans sidewaYS.png

Other Logos

Included here are some additional logos I've worked on, both through commissioned projects and personal designs. These unique emblems reflect my efforts to express creativity and dedication in crafting visually appealing logos that encapsulate meaningful brand identities.

bloombudgetlogo .png

Personally Designed Icons


     Designed icons for the SCV water agency to simplify complex concepts, conveying essential information clearly to empower informed decision-making and enhance the overall user experience for stakeholders.

Banner ADs

     Presenting a pair of captivating banner ads meticulously crafted by me. These dynamic visuals were created using product photography that I personally shot and skillfully edited, tailored specifically for a local wholesale business. Immerse yourself in the artistry and attention to detail exhibited in these eye-catching banners.

Social Media Marketing and Managment

     I developed advertisements and managed social media presence for three different companies: Prodigy Wholesale, The Grandline USA, and Energy n Snack Corp.

     In just three months of assuming the role, I achieved remarkable results. I successfully amplified the reach of the company's social media accounts by an astonishing 4,624% compared to the preceding three months. Furthermore, I boosted the overall number of followers by 18%, resulting in a significant increase in website views and subsequently driving higher sales.

ramune candy low.gif



     I designed eye-catching flyers to assist in promoting Prodigy Wholesale, a wholesaler specializing in Smoking Accessories. One of the key assets I created was a comprehensive price sheet to provide an overview of the general pricing for their products.


Click on these personally designed ads
for my Ux Ui Design case studies.
scaa ad v1.png
bloom budge tad v1.png
scv waterad v1.png

Illustration Portfolio

Explore my vibrant world of colorful cartoons and captivating storyboards. Click here to uncover the artistic process behind creating engaging and imaginative illustrations

Ui Work image.png

UX/ UI Design Portfolio

Discover how I leveraged research and prototype testing to develop user-friendly web and app designs. Click here to learn more about the work that goes into creating a function and usable design.

Want to Learn More?

Come get to know me better! Browse through my photos and learn about my unique journey, because behind every creative project is a person with a story.

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